From The Farm

Want to place an order? We will harvest lettuce every Friday. If you would like to purchase  lettuce or any of our other products (honey, corn meal, wheat) please email us or give us a call at 641-757-0106 by Thursday each week.

Fruits & Vegetables

At Early Morning Harvest, we are harvesting lettuce and other vegetables each week from our aquaponics greenhouse. Because we believe in raising produce without harmful chemicals or pesticides, we strive to follow strict organic standards even though we are not yet certified.  Also,  the health of the system must be considered;  any pesticides or chemicals used on the plants may harm the fish and visa versa.  Whether those chemicals and pesticides are certified organic or not, the health of the system, and the quality of the product is the most important. We only purchase non-GMO seeds and most are organic seeds.

EggsEggs, Free-Range Chickens, All Natural, Farm Fresh, Locally Grown

Early Morning Harvest is home to over sixty free-range laying hens, all hormone and antibiotic-free. With daily access to fresh green grass, bugs and legumes (all a natural part of a chicken’s diet), the hens provide us with flavorful brown eggs with orange-colored yolk that stands up tall in the frying pan. Not to mention  these eggs are packed with nutrition. Research has shown that eggs from chickens raised on pasture are found to have twice the amount of Vitamin A, three times the amount of Omega-3 and Vitamin E & D and eight times the amount of Beta-Carotene than their conventional counterpart. The difference is astounding and the taste difference is just as impressive. 

free range chickens eggs yolks omega-3

Check out the difference in yolk color!



Flour, organic grains, certified organic, wheat, rye, buckwheat, corn mealEMH’s flour is milled from certified organic grains grown on Earl and Jeff’s farm. Wheat, rye and buckwheat are primarily used as cover crops on their certified organic acres to help prevent erosion and increase soil fertility. Thankfully, they can also be transformed into delicious flour perfect for breads, muffins, and even on their own as a cereal. Currently 1lb and 3lbs bags are prepared, but special orders can be made.

Wheat flour, rye flour, and corn meal are our primary milled products at this time.


all natural honey, bees, bee haven inc,Randy Bronnenberg of Bee Haven Inc. in Perry is a producer of quality Iowa honey. In fact, he has hives all over the state. At EMH, we are lucky to have a couple hundred of Randy’s hives located on Earl and Jeff’s organic farms.

These bees make excellent honey. You may notice that the taste varies slightly throughout the season… don’t worry, that is only natural because the bees are foraging pollen from different species of flowers.

Did you know that honey never spoils? If your honey ever begins to crystallize, just heat it up on the stove and it will return to its original form.



We are begining to harvest tilapia from our system. If you’ve never tried tilapia, they are a mild-tasting white fish sure to please any seafood lover.  Check our Products/Prices page for availability.  We are requesting a 4 day notice before you plan on picking up your fish.


 Grassfed Beef

We have rasied cattle for years and around 10 years ago we certified the cattle herd as organic and started focusing on grassfed beef.   Our cattle are taken to Redfield, Iowa for processing  and we have grassfed hamburger, a few steaks and beef sticks available.