Put Some Grass-Fed Beef on the Barbecue

Get yourself some grass-fed beef for the summer barbeque

grass-fed beef barbequeIf you’re among the 80 percent of people across America who own a barbecue grill, you’re probably planning to cook some burgers this summer. It’s been part of backyard barbecue and family picnic traditions for generations. Think back to the last time you grilled some burgers, and you can almost smell the mouth-watering aroma coming from your grill. It’s barbecue season. But before you rush out to buy a bulk pack of frozen patties, you need to know that you haven’t eaten a real hamburger until you’ve had a burger made from grass-fed beef.

If you’re any kind of hamburger aficionado, you’re not going to argue the fact that there’s a difference between a burger from a fast food restaurant and one you make at home. But eat a grass-fed beef hamburger, and you’ll no-doubt become a believer. Here’s what makes grass-fed beef so good:

Cows are Healthier When They Eat Grass

For many years, the typical cow raised for meat depended on a steady supply of grains and supplements to gain weight fast. While this practice does provide a viable food source, grass-fed cows are exclusively raised on what cows were mean to eat: lush green grass and clover. This approach to raising cattle:

  • Reduces the need to grow grain
  • Provides a more nutrient-rich diet for the cow
  • Improves the quality of beef produced with less fat and higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids than cows raised in a feedlot
  • But more importantly, beef from grass-fed cows tastes better, and delivers greater nutritional benefits than your typical burger

Cooking Tips for Grass-Fed Beef

If you decide to go with grass-fed beef for your burgers, you’ll want to turn down the heat on your grill and cook them a little longer than the old-school patties you used to eat. Without a lot of fat in grass-fed beef, you’ve got to take a slower approach to grilling to prevent the meat from drying out and becoming tough to eat. But doctor these patties up with your favorite rubs and sauces, and you’ll be amazed at the low-fat savory taste.

High-Quality Beef Protects Your Health

While you might enjoy eating red meat, too much of it can increase your risk for heart disease and early death, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, the typical beef used in burgers and fast food meals comes from cows raised on grain in less than ideal conditions that raises its fat content that can clog your arteries. Grass-fed beef’s reduced fat content makes it healthier while you still get to enjoy a good burger.