Organic Tomatoes Deliver Heart-Healthy Benefits

When you were a kid, there’s a good chance you turned you nose up at tomatoes. You picked them off your burgers, winced at the sight of cubed tomatoes in your salad, and couldn’t bear the thought of swallowing a soft, perfectly-stewed tomato. Even if you’re still a kid at heart, hopefully you’ve come to realize that tomatoes are a healthy food to include in your diet that add color, flavor, and a long list of health benefits.

organic cherry tomatoes And they’re available at Early Morning Harvest. In our aquaponics-driven greenhouse, we grow some flavor-rich, organic cherry-red tomatoes that are perfect for complimenting a garden salad, adding to lasagna, or simply eating as a healthy snack. They taste great, and they’re good for your health in many ways.

Tomatoes, in general, are packed with vitamins and nutrients that research has linked to better health. One of those important nutrients is lycopene. Lycopene in tomatoes, and other brightly-colored fruits and vegetables, is the nutrient that helps give them their bright color. It’s a powerful antioxidant that’s been linked to reducing and preventing heart disease, controlling cholesterol, improving bone health, and reducing the risk for certain types of cancer.

In the United States, heart disease is an especially troubling issue, and the leading cause of death. An estimated 600,000 people a year die from heart disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Yet, many of those deaths could be prevented with a healthier diet, regular exercise, and a few more tomatoes.

In a clinical trial at Cambridge University, researchers wanted to find out what impact lycopene would have on blood flow in people with heart disease. For eight weeks, a group of people with heart disease received lycopene supplements similar to the amount of lycopene found in a serving of tomato sauce, watermelon, or tomato soup. Researchers found that blood flow, circulation, and blood vessel function improved for these people.

It’s just one example of the many health benefits of tomatoes. Other studies have found that antioxidants in tomatoes may also help lower the risk for age-related memory loss, and even combat obesity.

Want to enjoy good food, protect your heart and your health? Eat more tomatoes. At Early Morning Harvest, you’ll get about two dozen cherry tomatoes in a half-pound bag for just $5. And they’re all-organic, grown without herbicides, pesticides, or chemicals. Stop by for some tomatoes, and then call your mom to tell her she was right about tomatoes.