Health Benefits of Free-Range Eggs

When you make a run to the grocery store for the essentials, eggs might be on your shopping list. Stop right there. Don’t buy your eggs at the grocery store. We don’t want to go into all the dirty details about the downside of commercially-raised eggs (you can read more about that here). But we do want to make a case for the health benefits of free-range eggs.

free range eggsAt Early Morning Harvest, our chickens are a happy bunch of fine-feathered friends. They enjoy plenty of wide-open space to stretch their wings, walk around, socialize, and take it easy in comfy quarters after a day of pecking and eating. It’s kind of a pampered lifestyle compared to the living conditions of commercially-raised chickens.

And it makes a difference. A recent study by Mother Earth News found that free-range eggs contain less cholesterol and saturated fat than store-bought eggs. They also found that free-range eggs contained higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and beta carotene than the typical eggs found on grocery-store shelves. These added nutrients support brain health, protect the heart, and help lower the risk of cancer.

Comparing nutrient density of commercially-raised eggs vs. free-range eggs, also found that free-range eggs contain three to six times as much vitamin D as store-bought eggs. And that’s an important finding. An estimated 75 percent of people in the U.S. are vitamin-D deficient. Vitamin D comes from sun exposure and food sources. Without adequate vitamin D, your risk increases for osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer, heart problems, and other chronic conditions.

Want to improve your diet and get the vitamin D you need to improve your health? Eat free-range eggs instead of commercially-raised eggs. Whip up an omelet with fresh vegetables, cheese and salsa. Try scrambled eggs. Make your own breads, cookies, and treats with recipes that call for eggs.

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