Early Morning Harvest News & Updates – January 6, 2016

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Hi all,

We are back to our regular delivery schedule. Stuart on Wednesday’s, Panora of Thursday’s

Today we should be picking up corn relish, hot pepper relish, and peach salsa from Backyard Flavors. You can order ahead if you like.

Eggs: Good and bad news, the good news: We’ve sold way more eggs this year than any of the previous years, our flock is about 15% larger this year than last year, we made a pretty good run without expiring any eggs, and soon, our inventory problems should be done.
The bad news: Our biggest customer, The Iowa Food Coop, isn’t picking up again until January 28th.
Between now and January 30th, we have: 52 dozen extra large eggs, 70 dozen large eggs and only about 11 dozen medium.
We’re going to do a two price scale, a sale price on eggs expiring between January 8th and January 30th, and regular price on eggs expiring after the 30th. First come, first serve, this offer is also being given to some wholesalers, so they will likely go quickly. The vast majority of the sale eggs expire after January 16th, but we won’t seperate them any further than just “on sale” or not on sale.


Red and green lettuce mix (family size 1/2lb) $4.50
Red and green lettuce mix (personal size 1/3lb) $3.00
Kale, Blue Dwarf $3.00/bunch (1/3lb)
Kale, Toscano $3/bunch (1/3lb)
radishes $2/pound
Juliet tomatoes $3/pound (mini Romas, look like a grape tomato most of the time)
Cherry Tomatoes $4/pint
Malabar spinach $3/package (not a true spinach but very tasty and nutritious)
Cabbage $3/head


Fresh herbs are sold in 3/4oz packages.
Rosemary $4
Dried Basil $6 /.4oz jar
Dried Sage $6 /.4oz jar
Dried Rosemary $6/ .4oz jar


Extra large $4.25/dozen
Sale – extra large $1.75
Large $4.15dozen
Sale – large $1.50
Medium $4.00/dozen
Sale – Medium $1.25
Small $3.75/dozen


1lb jar of clover honey $6.50
1lb jar of buckwheat honey $7.25
3lb jar of clover honey $16.00
3lb jar of buckwheat honey $18.00


Ground beef $6.50/pound
Live Tilapia $2.00/pound – call ahead
Whole, frozen Broilers $3/pound.

Early Morning Harvest’s Kitchen Creations:

Cherry pecan Granola (half pound) $5
Cherry pecan Granola (full pound) $10
Corn bread mix (makes a 9 X 13 pan) $7.50

William and Mary Gardens:

located up in Boone
Garlic. $6/pound (large cloved, easy peeling, very long storage life)

Zaza’s pastas:

Made in New Liberty, Iowa using our general purpose flour. (8oz)
Seasonal flavor: Chestnut Nutmeg $5
Pumpkin (fettuccine) $5
Garlic-Chive (fettuccine) $5
Lemon-Thyme (fettuccine) $5
Cracked Black Pepper (fettuccine) $5
Spinach (fettuccine) $5
Tomato-Basil (fettuccine) $5
Herbed (Fettuccine) $5
Beet (pappardelle) $5
Whole Wheat (pappardelle) $5

HOQ restaurant:

On east 5th street, Des Moines. (Naan bread is made with our stone ground bread flour)
Naan bread – package of 5 for $5

Backyard flavors:

Located in Maxwell, Iowa.
Salsa, medium heat $5/jar
Salsa, Hot $5/jar
Sweet pickled jalapenos $5/jar
Bacon Horseradish Dip Mix $4 (Their number one seller on Iowa Food Coop)
Cucumber Dill Dip Mix $4
Cheesy Cheddar Dip Mix $4
Southwest Dip Mix $4
Veggie Dip Mix $4

John 15 vineyard:

Located in Scranton, Iowa.
Bluebell grape jelly $5
Fredonia grape jelly $5
Concord Grape Jelly $5

Real salt:

Natures First Sea Salt $7

Certified Organic, Non-GMO, stone ground flour: Milled right here at Early Morning Harvest. We grow our own corn, rye, buckwheat, oats and most of our own wheat.


General Purpose Flour (White) $6.10 (4lbs)
Pastry Flour (White) $6.10 (4lbs)
Bread Flour (White) $6.10 (4lbs)
Whole Wheat Flour $5.75 (4lbs)
Whole Wheat Bread Flour $5.75 (4lbs)
Whole Wheat Pastry Flour $5.75 (4lbs)
25lbs white $35.91
25lbs whole wheat $33.80
Cereals: 1.5lb bags, bran comes in a 1lb bag
Wheat Cereal $3.05
Two Grain Cereal $3.05
Early Cereal $3.05
Wheat Bran $1.35


Corn Flour $5.45 (3.5lbs. not commonly ordered so we ask for a weeks notice)
Corn Meal $6.20 (4lbs)
Corn Polenta (large grits) $7.45 (4lbs)
Corn Grits $7.45 (4lbs)
(25lbs) corn flour and corn meal $36.76
(25lbs) corn grits and polenta $44.36

Rye Flour:

Rye Flour $2.35 (1.5lbs)
Rye Flour $5.85 (3.75lbs)
(25lbs) Rye Flour $36.76
Buckwheat Flour:
Buckwheat Flour $2.35 (1.5lbs)
Buckwheat Flour $5.85 (3.75lbs)
(25lbs) Buckwheat Flour $36.76

Oat Flour:

Oat Flour $2.21 (1.4lbs)
Oat Flour $5.54 (3.4lbs)
(25lbs) Oat Flour $38.75
Oatmeal Porage:
Oatmeal Porage $2.82 (1.5lbs)
Oatmeal Porage $6.58 (3.5lbs)
(25lbs) Oatmeal Porage $46.50

Directions for pick up and ordering:

  1. Contact us by email, our Contact Page, or phone to be added to our email list. Call 641-757-2620, or email: [email protected]. There is NO obligation to order after signing up.
  2. Read our Tuesday afternoon email and decide which items you want to purchase, send us an email with your order.
  3. We’ll send you a confirmation email saying what items we were able to fill and what the total will be.
  4. We’ll meet you at your decided pick up location.
  5. Pay when you pick up.
  6. Wait until next week’s email.
  7. Tell others about Early Morning Harvest!