Early Morning Harvest to be Featured on IPTV’s Iowa Ingredient

Early Morning Harvest always welcomes visitors, but when they come with video cameras and a whole lot of questions, we're ready to help educate and inform. On Thursday June 27th, we had visitors from … [Read more...]

Earl Hafner Receives Practical Farmers of Iowa Award

Early Morning Harvest's own Earl Hafner was selected for the prestigious 2018 Practical Farmers of Iowa Sustainable Agriculture Achievement Award. On Friday, January 19, the Practical Farmers of … [Read more...]

Top Ten Reasons to Shop Organic Products

Over the last decade or more, organic farming has grown exponentially. Nearly every grocery store maintains an organic produce section, with a boom in health food stores who focus on organic and … [Read more...]

Important Updates From Early Morning Harvest

Early Morning Harvest is making some changes! Effective immediately, Oatmeal Porage will no longer be offered from Early Morning Harvest. Providing high-quality food is our priority. Even though … [Read more...]

Early Morning Harvest CLOSED Labor Day Weekend

Early Morning Harvest will be CLOSED for Labor Day Weekend Starting Saturday, September 3 and continuing through Monday, September 5, Early Morning Harvest will be closed for the Holiday weekend. The … [Read more...]

Come Enjoy Panorama Days!

Early Morning Harvest will be closed on Saturday, August 6th, our staff can enjoy Panorama Days with friends and neighbors. We hope that you'll all come and join the fun! Panorama Days is three days … [Read more...]

Sadly, No Sweetcorn

We have recently received a lot of inquiries for sweetcorn and, unfortunately, we are sorry to say we do NOT have sweetcorn this year. We apologize for any inconvenience, but please check back next … [Read more...]

Early Morning Harvest Job Opening

Hi everyone, Andrew here. I have accepted an assistant manager position at Hy-Vee Drug Store in Des Moines at University and 42nd, and I'm planning on my last day of full time work at Early Morning … [Read more...]

Give the Gift of Health with Herbs

What dominates the list of New Year’s resolutions every year? Health-related goals. Lose weight. Eat better. Be healthier and spend more time with family and friends. A Nielsen survey found that many … [Read more...]

6 Reasons to Never Eat White Bread Again

Take a trip to the grocery store and pay attention to the scraps of paper left behind in the shopping carts, blowing in the wind in the parking lot, or wandering aimlessly along a store aisle. Some … [Read more...]