Back To The Roots

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The children of this country are our future. Sadly, one out of three are overweight or obese. The rise of obesity overtime will create future health problems. There are studies that indicate that 33% of children born in 2005 will have diabetes. Read more about how getting your children involved in food can impact their lives.

We need to teach our children about healthy eating habits. It’s important to show them how what we eat can impact our health. Back to The Roots is making food fun. Giving children the opportunity to grow food and become part of the process will help us educate them on healthy eating habits.

Back to The Roots, created a Mushroom kit and Aqua Farm. These kits help children understand the process of growing food and learn how fun the process can be.  We have the ability to change the future for our children and provide them a way to practice sustainable living and educate them about aquaponics.

Photo from Back To The Roots Kickstarter video campaign.