A Peek Inside Aquaponics – Early Morning Harvest

Iowa Public Television recently visited us at the Early Morning Harvest farm and greenhouse. Our owner, Jeff Hafner walked IPTV’s producer and cameraman through our facilities, explaining our unique aquaponics farming system, a way to produce sustainable food that combines aquaculture (the raising of animals like fish) and hydroponics (cultivating plants through water).

Here at Early Morning Harvest we use a system referred to as a “closed loop system”, which means we recycle everything within the facility to reduce waste, capture all nutrients and maximize safety. The water from our fish tanks cultivates the seedlings for growth and waste from the fish fertilizes the produce. No dirt, no chemicals and no waste is derived from a closed-loop system. Even the water is recycled back to the fish tanks, making the loop from fish to food and back to fish within our own buildings. No water should ever leave our systems nor should it be used for any purpose other than our Aquaponic system.

Using aquaponics we are able to grow natural produce like lettuce, tomatoes, herbs and more as well as the resources to produce organic flour, wheat bran, polenta, wheat cereal, corn flour, meal and grits, rye flour, and buckwheat.

All of these products can be purchased directly from our website. Or if you’d like to shop “In person,” we also frequent many of the local Iowa Farmers Markets. If you enjoy a beautiful drive through the Iowa countryside, we invite you to visit our facilities in Panora, just 20 minutes west of Des Moines. There we offer honey, fish (sold live), grass-fed beef, fresh basil, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, and eggs (free-range) brown.

We would like to thank Iowa Public Television for visiting and including us in the feature about innovation and green farming practices. Watch for the complete feature with Jeff and Early Morning Harvest on Iowa Public Television, coming in June. Please check out website for more information.